There has been global consensus around the safe amount of exposure to any wavelength of light for decades. There is no evidence of any adverse human or animal safety risks from Far UV-C light when designed, engineered, and applied under these standards.


Krypton Far UV lights can autonomously and continuously inactivate viruses, bacteria, or fungi in occupied spaces, which is essential for containing and mitigating the emerging threat of the coronavirus and similar outbreaks where potentially infected carriers in occupied locations are often not distinguishable from the non-carriers.


Along with effective diagnostics, vaccines, and therapies, the elimination of pathogens in occupied spaces is an essential element of infectious disease eradication. Far UV Krypton Disinfection Lights are an essential addition to existing infection control practices, as part of a multi-pronged approach to prevent the spread of existing and emerging diseases.

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Krypton™ Disinfection Lighting provides an autonomous, safe, and continuous disinfection solution for viruses, bacteria or fungi in occupied spaces. By reducing the spread of the pathogens leading to any existing or emerging infectious disease, we can effectively eradicate that disease.

This single disinfection solution is as important and ubiquitous for control of the microorganisms we cannot see as conventional lighting is to the benefit of everything else we can.

PJ Piper
CEO | Far UV Technologies

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