About us

Our Goal

Our ambitious goal is to rid the world of future pandemics or epidemics by creating autonomous persistent disinfection devices that can immediately assist in containing the inevitable emergence of infectious diseases that can be spread by pathogens on surfaces or through the air.

Far UV products can be utilized in education, medical, elderly care, transportation, commercial, retail, and other applications to dramatically reduce or eliminate the incidence or spread of common colds and flu, hospital-acquired chemical or antibiotic-resistant microbes (MRSA), and more dangerous pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2. Our mission is to continuously maintain and improve the quality of life for people everywhere by reducing or eliminating the pathogens that lead to infectious disease.

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Who We Are

Far UV Technologies has been designing, developing, testing, and demonstrating innovative Far UV solutions for several years, including under contract with NASA to prevent foodborne illness in space flight, with awards from the US Army for medical applications and the US Air Force for SARS-CoV-2 remediation throughout their facilities, vehicles and aircraft. We have established relationships with the US Government and market-leading research, manufacturing, and commercial strategic partners, uniquely positioning us for rapid response.

We are thought leaders and influencers in the use of Far ultraviolet light disinfection. Our team is comprised of several passionate medical and biological research​ ​experts, electrical, mechanical, and optical engineers, and entrepreneurs with experience founding, leading, and growing companies from ideas through successful IPOs and acquisitions. We also have close relationships with a growing list of strategic component suppliers, manufacturers, and channel partners to expedite the broad commercialization of the opportunity.