Letter from the CEO

Thank you so much for your patience as we ramp up our efforts to bring our Krypton™ Disinfection Lighting to the market as soon as we can.  Over the past few weeks, there has been overwhelming interest and demand for our product. To help streamline communication and enhance the customer experience, we just completed an overhaul of our website.

Some of the major website improvements include:

  • A frequently updated list of Q&A that we have gathered from customers. (FAQ Page).
  • Product details, timeline, and opportunity to reserve part of our first limited production runs. (Product Page)

Next Steps

Our hearts pour out to all of the first responders seeking our help.  Given the current urgency with the coronavirus, we will initially be targeting medical facility waiting rooms and similar applications where potentially infected human carriers in occupied locations are often not distinguishable from the non-carriers.

Our initial product will be the first ceiling light that can autonomously and safely be used in almost any facility to sanitize spaces while they are occupied.  In order to expedite the development of our future product offerings, our plan is to provide the best Far UV disinfection lighting capability we can, while providing as many features as we can to facilitate the rapid installation, ease of use, and valuable data collection across as many applications as possible.

While these solutions may currently be out of reach for an average household consumer budget, we believe the tremendous response from and initial efforts with our medical, corporate, and Government partners will have a profound impact on our collective healthcare, security, and economy; potentially paving the way to future lower cost and more refined offerings to broaden the incredible reach of this technology.

We hope you find the new website helpful and potentially join us on this journey.  Best wishes to you and your families during these difficult times.

Many thanks again and best regards,

PJ Piper
CEO | Far UV Technologies