December 17, 2021 – Far UV is highlighted by Harvard and the National Health Service of Scotland in a World Health Organization Webinar

Excerpts from Webinar  below:

“Natural ventilation is unreliable and mechanical ventilation [HVAC] and room air cleaners are flow limited.  It is important to compare air disinfection strategies in terms of equivalent Air Changes per Hour (eACH).  The CDC recommends 6-12 ACH but it has to do with the infectiousness of [the pathogen].  The greater the infectiousness, the greater the eACH needed for protection. UV is efficient because it treats a large volume of air at once. Whole room Far UV, importantly, treats the air immediately around occupants and does it safely.  Over 5 million people have died from COVID, and many more are left with serious or debilitating consequences.   It is unlikely that anyone has ever suffered any serious medical consequences of UVC exposure properly deployed for air disinfection.”

  – Dr. Ed Nardell, MD, Harvard Medical School

“We were blown away by the [efficacy and safety of our real-world studies].  Far UV exposure for 30,000 hours or 3.5 years is equivalent to 10 minutes in the sun.  The risk-benefit decision, (as Dr. Nardell noted), makes it an important additional protective measure.”

  – Dr. Ewan Eadie, National Health Service – Scotland

“For the newly announced limits for exposure [to Far ultraviolet light] from the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, a greater than 98% reduction [in the viral load can be obtained with] an infected person in the room continually for three hours. That’s spectacular.”

  – Dr. Kenny Wood, University of St Andrews 

A full webinar replay is available: Watch Here

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