New Technology Sets Example for Living with Covid

Boston, MA, February 10, 2022 – Pine Street Inn and Far UV Technologies are proud to announce the installation of smart far ultraviolet light technology that will help reduce the pathogens commonly associated with the transmission of Covid among individuals that rely on Pine Street to get back on their feet.

Far UV’s IOT-enabled Krypton lighting is now present inside Pine Street Inn’s facility on Harrison Avenue. The technology utilizes Far Ultraviolet (UV) light at wavelengths of 222nm to rapidly inactivate viruses, such as SARS-Cov-2 and other pathogens. The end result is a wirelessly connected building management system that provides several incremental equivalent air changes, which the CDC is recommending to prevent the spread of Covid.  

“The individuals we work with rely on us to help them move out of homelessness and into homes, and the last two years dealing with Covid have created many challenges,” said Andy Zozom, SVP of Operations, Pine Street Inn. “The pandemic has certainly made our work more complicated, and this will help us better support our guests,” Zozom said.

According to Dr. Ed Nardell, MD, Harvard Medical School, who installed UV at Pine Street Inn about 40 years ago to prevent the spread of Tuberculosis, “UV is efficient because it treats a large volume of air at once. Whole room Far UV, importantly, treats the air immediately around occupants and does it safely. It is unlikely that anyone has ever suffered any serious medical consequences of UVC exposure properly deployed for air disinfection.”  

The same technology is actively being used within the highest level of the U.S. government and military, including the Department of Defense.

“We’re thrilled that we can help Pine Street Inn assure that it will be able to continue to do its critical work for the Boston community as this pandemic drags on,” said PJ Piper, Founder and CEO of Far UV Technologies. “While masks and vaccinations are critical, they aren’t effective enough on their own, especially when it comes to more infectious variants within indoor public spaces. Our new IOT enabled devices allow Pine Street Inn to maximize air and surface treatments while their spaces are occupied (when they need it most) and preserve energy and life when they are not.”