Letter from the CEO – May 10, 2021


We’re so excited to have been identified and chosen as the first Episode of Unicorn Hunters https://unicornhunters.com/. This new show could significantly enhance global awareness for our important disinfection innovation and an opportunity for us to link up with others who want to do more to protect their family, friends and communities.

President and CEO

We’ve been working on this important technology long before COVID-19 under contract with NASA and others and we welcome you to review the extensive information on our website and the links to the independent literature referenced from our academic and commercial partners as well as the various Government agencies and trade organizations confirming the evidence-based safety and efficacy of 222nm (far UV) technologies and applications. The data and the science matters and we’re committed to continue working hard with our global partners to raise awareness, further the science and continue to improve Far UV solutions.

It’s important to remind everyone that Krypton disinfection lighting is not a medical device. It is not a cure for diseases or intended to be utilized on people. However, its unique ability to safely, continuously and autonomously disinfect the air and surfaces of our occupied buildings or vehicles when it is properly designed, engineered and applied makes it ideal to protect us from the dangerous invisible pathogens that have always been and will continue to be all around us.

The Unicorn Hunters platform and the emerging democratization of private investment is truly disruptive to the conventional venture capital model. While the company is already cash flow positive and does not require significant additional capital, we welcome the opportunity to have others join us on our mission to make the world a safer place and expand our network to better address our often highly fragmented markets. If we can protect even just one more school or one more hospital or one more bus this will have been a tremendous success. Because the way I see it, every Krypton light installed is a potential life saved.

Many thanks again for your continuing support,

PJ Piper
President & CEO
Far UV Technologies, Inc.